Hayato Sumito

Noa is a singer songwriter and percussionist of Yemenite / Israeli / American origin that has been blessed with an angelic voice and magnetic stage presence. Together with her long-standing musical director and guitarist Gil Dor, Noa has thrilled, captivated and mesmerized audiences the world over with her unique, passionate and intelligent style of writing and performing. Her indefatigable, courageous work for Peace in her country, and her numerous voluntary engagements throughout the world have earned her a long list of titles and accolades, including UN Good will ambassador for FAO, Cavalliera de la Republica Italiana (Italy’s version of Knighthood), the Chrystal Award of the WEF in Davos, the Dove of Peace by Shimon Peres, and many more. Noa is a gifted, committed artist of the type rarely seen in the popular music scene today. She has been compared to Barbara Streisand, Joan Baez, Nana Mouskouri, Joni Mitchell and Elis Regina…amongst others. Her talent and artistic integrity have caught the attention, and hearts, of some of the musical legends of our time, including Quincy Jones, Sting and Pat metheny, who produced her first international Geffen Records release, “Noa”, in 1994. Noa has performed her original version of Ave maria for Pope John Paul the 2nd at Vatican, she was the only major Israeli artists to agree to perform at the historic peace rally where Yitchak Rabin was murdered, she has co-written and recorded the theme song for Roberto Benigni’s Oscar-award winning film, “life is beautiful”, collaborated with a long list of renowned artists the world over and written hundreds of songs in English and Hebrew. She has a loyal following in Europe and Israel, where she was born and now lives, and a growing audience in the US, where she was raised. Noa touches the hearts of any audience she stands before, even one totally unfamiliar with her, with the power of her voice and the deep humanity of her message. That is her great gift.

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