Orange Blossom

Orange Blossom are an exotic hybrid. Four musicians from different backgrounds and cultures, with different looks and sensibilities. Lead singer, Hend El Rawy : the timeless and renowned singer from Egypt, Violinist, PJ: French-born and classically-trained, an ex-punk with a healthy disrespect for technique. Percussionist, Mathias: raised in France, reborn among the people and instruments of West Africa. Drummer (and arranger and programmer) Carlos: a dreadlocked Mexican with a dog- eared passport and an attendant sense of musical adventure. Together, they meld into a sensual, glorious whole. 

Their new album, which will be released in the Spring 2023, is an amalgam of European electro-beats, West African and Cuban polyrhythms, Arabic and Middle Eastern  melodies and, all-stops-out rock. Orange Blossom create a new kind of music, music that references past and future, crosses cultural and linguistic borders. Music to dive into, bliss out to, to make you giddy, laced with beautiful, sing-a-long Arabic, Spanish or French lyrics, lifted by lush classical strings and tempered by dark, driving beats, Leftfield electro trance. Sweet-smelling, street-smart dance music. Or, if you like, an expression of hope and unity.

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