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The basics

Pool water analysis

To determine the values of the swimming pool water:  With the Analysis Kit you can easily measure the acidity (pH value) and chlorine value. The samples should be taken at a depth of at least 40 cm.

Fill the two tubes to the mark with water, taken 40 cm below the surface.

  1. Add 4 drops op Phenol Red to the left test tube
  2. Add 4 drops of Orthotolidine te the right test tube
  3. Put the caps onto the testtubes and shake the testkit well for a few seconds.
  4. Compare the color of the water in the testtubes with the colorscale (pH, Cl, Br)
The ideal chlorine level to maintain in poolwater is between 0,6 – 1.0 mg/liter
The ideal bromine level is between 1.2 – 2.0 mg/liter
The ideal pH level is between 7.0 – 7.4
  1. Rinse the testtubes with plenty of fresh water and put the caps back on.
  2. Put the testkit back in it’s blue box, to avoid testbox discoloration.

Easy Pool 2

The Easy Pool 2 kit consists of 2 bags that must be replaced in the skimmer every 15 days. Once dissolved, the product remains active for several days.
It is a product that makes your water clean and crystal clear because it prevents bacteria, in other words it purifies the water.

Pour 1/8 of the content of the EASY POOL2 liquid container, taking care not to let it splash you.



IF a long filtrationtime is required, for example during heat periods in the summer, EASY POOL2 tablets may dissolve in less than 2 weeks. In this case, complet the water care with one bag of EASY CLEAR C. Continue with the water treatment with EASY POOL2 after 2 weeks.

In addition, –if the water starts to look cloudy- there is a flocculant that ensures that even the smallest floating dirt is bound in your swimming water. This allows the pool filter to filter it out. The rest settles at the bottom of the pool and can easily be sucked up.

pH correction

It is essential to have the water pH between 7.0 and 7.4. To correct this, you can use pH+ or pH-. Use Easy-plus to raise the pH of the water, or Easy-minus to lower the pH of the water. 
The pH of your water should be between 7.0 and 7.4 to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment products.

pH correction

Easy Minus

10 gram per m3 for  increasing 0.1 pH
60ml = 100 g

Dissolve the product with lukewarm water in a watering can. Avoid inhalting vapor if any.
Filtration must be switched ‘on’


Voor dit zwembad van 20 m3

0.1 lowering = 200 gram = 120 ml
0.2 lowering = 400 gram = 240 ml
0.3 lowering = 600 gram = 360 ml
0.4 lowering = 800 gram = 480 ml

pH correction

Easy Plus

10 gram per m3 for  increasing 0.1 pH
70ml = 100 g

Dissolve the product with lukewarm water in a watering can. Avoid inhalting vapor if any.
Filtration must be switched ‘on’



0.1 increasing = 200 gram = 140 ml
0.2 increasing = 400 gram = 280 ml
0.3 increasing = 600 gram = 420 ml
0.4 increasing = 800 gram = 560 ml

Easy Clear C

Powerful disinfectant with a guaranteed minimum chlorine content of 65%, it quickly treats cloudy and green water.

When using the pool, combined with the Easy Pool 2 treatment,
To treat algae or sticky walls ,
If the water is slightly cloudy,
During winter storage,
In addition to Easy Pool 2 in case of greater external pollution, special weather conditions (high heat, stormy weather) or the presence of a larger number of swimmers.

Vacuuming the bath -1

Cleaning the filter

Vacuuming the bath -2

Fill the pump with water 1 & 2

Filtration time depending on water temperature

Water temperaturedaily filtrationWhen to filter
up to 10 degrees celsius2 hIn broad daylight
during swimming
during the hottest hours
from 10 to 12 degrees celsius3 h
from 12 to 14 degrees celsius4 h
from 14 to 16 degrees celsius5 h
from 16 to 20 degrees celsius6 h 
from 20 to 24 degrees celsius8 h
from 24 to 27 degrees celsius10 h
from 27 degrees celsius10 h + 3 h per degree Celsius

The clock times for filtration are set in the timer by default and are switched ‘on’ from  0.00 to 08.00 and from 13.00 to 19.00. Therefore filtration is automatically ‘on’ for 14h/day.

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