Fawzy Al Aiedy

Ishtar Connection / Arabic Vibrations

Four lunatics take you on a festive and exhilarating trips that blows up all boundaries !

Ishtar Connection is the climax of Fawzy Al-Aiedy’s creative search aiming at connecting cultures and generations. While he continues honouring Arabic music from the Middle East and Maghreb, he links it with sounds and beats from an mind-blowing music band.

Ishtar Connection results from the enchanting chemistry between Fawzy Al-Aiedy, songwriter and musician of Iraqi origin, rightly considered as the inventor of oriental jazz, and three young musicians:

Amin Al-Aiedy / arrangements and bass. Gifted musician from the jazz and contemporary music world, he fell in love with oriental music and teaches at the Institute of Music in Tunis.

Vincent Boniface / diatonic accordion, bagpipes, clarinet and flutes. Award-winning multi-instrumentalist, he is a major figures in musical hybridisation.

Adrien Al-Aiedy / drums and machines. Under the pseudonym Adrien Drums, his videos are attracting millions of viewers online.

The modernity in the arrangements balances a century-old tradition in a harmonious groove. The design, by Fawzy Al-Aiedy and an Alsatian luthier, of the « pretzel oud”, his electric oud, bears witness to this will to mingle tradition and modernity.

This oriental fest-noz, under the patronage of Ishtar, a fascinating character in the Mesopotamian mythology and symbol of duality and opposites, arouses in its listeners, an irresistible urge to dance.


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